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The Gem of Amarra and a Bird named Harmony. [29 Oct 2007|01:53pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

All started with Drusilla's shunning of me back in Brazil. The Chaos bloody demon aside, it was sodding hurtful, so I came back to Sunnydale for some reason. I sought to seek something and it all became crystal clear when I arrived. Angel was back and all soul happy again and I thought that I could get vengeance on him; was his fault that I had to make that bleeding pact with Buffy in the first place...so he deserved to get leprocy through a spell or something of that ilk.

Then I saw the witch and heard her talking about doing some kind of love spell or as it turned out, anti-love spell. Changed my plan. Wanted to get Drusilla back without a spell and after the fight with Buffy and Angel against Lenny and the other ponces, realized that I just needed to be how I used to be and that I would get Drusilla back.

Second visit to Sunnydale had been enlightening and didn't witness another bout of serious kickings-of-my-ass.

Drusilla, still, didn't take me back and once more, didn't have the guts to stake me or chop my head off and after weeks of whining like an Angel wannabe, I realized that I had been all wrong-headed about everything. Redoubled the bloody efforts and came upon a legend that I had heard of but had forgotten over the years.

Yeah, the Gem of Amarra, rendering the vampire unkillable, was in Sunnydale of all places. A third trip to Sunnydale was destined to be in the plans and once I got my hand of the rock of Amarra, there would be no more kickings-of-my-ass. There would only be me with the slayer's blood in my mouth and then I would use her lifeless bones to smash Angel to bits. Would probably then feed him towhatever demon of the day is hanging around the sodding hellmouth. Didn't know what I would yet do with that wanker, all that I knew was that it would be a bottle of liquor and a cigarette...that it would be the balls.

Made my way to Sunnydale with an expert of the Gem of Amarra, a vampire named Brian. Knew that he wanted to wear it on his ring finger or neck, but he just wanted to be an allegiance to the wearer of the Gem and believe me, Brian was no match for me. If he tried anything after helping me find it, I would kill him deader then a sodding pile of dust could be.

He spent the night looking for it, knowing that judging by the map and the legend key, that we were close. He was working on the exact location under one of Sunnydale's highways and I needed to get the requisite bloody equipment for digging and tunneling.

Along the way to the hardware store, stopped off at Willy's keeping a low profile to the slayer because I didn't sodding want her to know that I was here yet. Warned Willy that if he told her that I was here in Sunnydale again...that I would feed him to the bloody dogs and by dogs, I meant every vampire that I could find with a hungry set of teeth. He believed me, gave me a pint of blood, which wasn't human and was a little too cold, followed by a shot of Jack.

That was when my eyes fell upon a blonde beauty who couldn't take her eyes off of me. I mean I knew that I needed to get tools for digging and tunneling, but I had another tool that could be used for the same thing and this blonde was perfect. I hadn't had a woman in weeks again and since she was a vampire, I didn't even have to worry about cleanup.

Uncertain, certainly far less confident then me, she made her way over to me. I could tell that she hadn't been a vampire very long, but none of that sodding mattered. The girl had a body built for sin and I had every bloody intention of letting her explore her inner demon on this night.

"Sit down, love. I won't bite until much later."

I smiled at her come-hitheringly and she leaned over to show me some very ebticing cleavage. My erection was already explosive.

This night was going to be full of digging and tunneling of all sorts.


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Wesley? [28 Oct 2007|10:47pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I researched Russel Winters and without proff, believed fully that he was the vampire bastard that was keeping me here in Los Angeles for a few extra days; that he was the vampire that had killed at least eight girls that I had found.

I knew that he wa sa vampire. You didn't need to be shown the layout of the house by its architect to know that this guy didn't dig on daylight. One look at the hopelessly extravagant mansion was enough to know.

Of course, I had alreayd been by his tower of an office building. Russell Winters was a vampire that had to be worth nearly a billion dollars and though most vampires are evil, I have no respect for that and the fact that the guy has so much money must make him believe that he can do anything that he wants. He's immortal, yes and then add all of the money that he has which had to at least in part come from charm and luck in the human world and obviously not from strong-arming...so he must believe that there are different rules for him on this planet.


Until I happened to find about him that is.

I'm really not in a mood for him and want to be in Sunnydale where I belong, but no, I'm waiting just to get another shot at this piece of work. Unfortunately, I wanted to catch him in the act and waiting from sunset to nearly sunup, he didn't bring any girls home after I had followed him from his office and none came out when I left.

I didn't need a reason to kill him. He's a vampire and evil even if he isn't behind these murders that I found out about after running into Tina in that coffee shop, he's nonetheless evil and I don't give a damn about the fact that he's a billionaire and that this would be different from killing any other vampire that you might find in a cemetery.

But, he's behind all of this. I know it without question. Following him home from his office again, once more, he didn't come home with anyone, but I noticed that he sent a limousine out for somebody. I was going to follow the limousine, but knowing that he wasn't in it, I decided to wait to see the limousine come back; something told me that he sent out for his victims like this and since nobody knew of the real world, these girls were probably thrilled knowing that he's so rich.


While checking the back perimeter of the property, I heard a ruckus coming from the front somewhere. As I rushed around, I saw a fight ensuing and a vampire was clearly about to kill somebody. I wouldn't know how a human got on the property without the guard stopping him...I jumped over the wrought iron gate, so I assumed it might be a vampire, but the victim was guarded by the attacker, so I didn't assume anything.

I just plunged the stake into the vampire and when I saw who remained, I was stunned to say the least.


"Wesley what are you doing here?"

Helping him up, I saw that the limousine had pulled up and I didn't see who had come out of it. I didn't care. Once I found out what Wesley was doing here, I was killing Russell Winters and getting back to Sunnydale.

He had a bag of something or the other and was wearing leather pants. Needless to say, my face was a bit scrunched as I made eye contact with him again.

[Wesley and Cordelia]

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The Life of a Rogue Demon Hunter. [27 Oct 2007|05:25pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

I thought that staying in Sunnydale for a very long and profitable time was going to be my future. I had two slayers, Buffy and Faith and loads of expertise on any demons that might come to the hellmouth to do their biddings or what have you.

I thought that this very nice and obviously sometimes dangerous long and tenured stay in Sunnydale as the Watcher of two slayers was my key to get not only in the best of graces with the Alchemists on the board of the Council, but more importnatly, to finally earn the long-deserved praise of my father, if that was even possible.

Of course, I couldn't have been farther from the truth. Faith killed the Deputy Mayor and from there, went spirally downward as she aligned herself with the Mayor, a Giant Snake of a pure demon in its worst form. I had tried to prevent this by intervening in Angel's attempted intervention upon her. I treid to get her into the Council's hands for them to deal with her, believing, wrongly, at the time that it was in her best interest and that it was also in the best interest for the World at large.

Again, another failure. Eventually, Buffy decided that she wasn't going to work for me. In the midst of this precipitous downward spiral at that time, I felt that she was being selfish and blaming me for thins that were out of my control; I tried to help to get the cure for Angel, but Buffy saw me as part of the Council; which of course, I was, but I wanted to help Angel.

In the end, Angel was cured by drinking from Buffy, Faith and Buffy had battled nearly to the death, certainly for Faith, who is in a coma as we speak, which I put completely on my shoulders, for I had been her watcher. The penultimate battle with the purest demon form of Mayor Wilkins hadn't been a shining moment for me, either, as I ended up in the back of an ambulance and hardly contributed in any way to that fight.

Needless to say, the Council sacked me and it didn't appear that anyone wanted me around. Angel didn't like me and left for Sunnydale. Cordelia had family issues and went to Los Angeles, purportedly. Buffy certainly didn't appear to want me around and nor did Willow or Xander.

Shamed, ridiculed for yet another failure by my father and without plane fare back to London from the Council, I chose to become a Rogue Demon Hunter to try to prove that i could do it and possibly have the news of my work make its way both to Sunnydale and overseas. I was determined not to be the item of scorn and derision in London, which is why I didn't return there even if the Council had offered to get me back home.

I went across country to Cleveland where the hellmouth semed to be dormant and where the demon community was slim to almost nil. Thank the heavens for that truism for Cleveland must be the most disgusting city that I'd ever come across. Miami, which was my next trip, was not the same. There, the vampire populous thrived, though a group of young men fought them with reckless abandon. I didn't fit into their outfit. Maybe I was too intelligent for their trigger happiness? Whatever the reason, I heard there that Dallas was also a hotbed for vampiric activity. After a brief stayover in New orleans, which had far more human malice and the possibility that I couldn't prove evidence of pertaining to ghosts and poltergeists then it did vampiric activity or any demon activity at all; I made my way to Dallas and on my first night there, I saved a beautiful blonde; the most stunning woman that I had ever seen named Naomi, by shooting down a vampire from behind with my crossbow.

It was my first kill that wasn't under controlled circumstances and the elation that brought me gave me the confidence to continue in my quest. I was running out of money, though and began to starve, eating only small morsels each day. Sooner or later, as it turned out, I would have to return home to find some gainful employee, maybe with the Council, though I didn't at all look forward to such a sequence of future events.

Naomi was my savior. She had married a wealthy man who passed away and she had millions. Aside from the fact that she had made love to me for two weeks straight and had shown me the power that I had over women sexually with her passion ans her abilities which brought out mine, she saw my plight, fed me and ended up writing me a rather substantial check for saving her life. Nearly six fugures, which I declined and that she insisted upon. When i saw her with a younger and beffy man, obvious that she intended to bed him, I realized that Naomi wasn't the type of woman that you settled down with. I kept the check for services rendered whether saving her life or giving her pleasure in the bedroom and went back to the Dallas night to hunt for demons that needed to be stopped.

This led me to a demon who was harvesting the weapons of other demons for sale or more likely to make himself unstoppable. This demon, who you would assume might have great powers to kill these other demons, feared me, obviously hearing about my vampire slayings in Dallas...all one of them...and ran, which led me to Phoenix and my second successful slaying of a vampire.

He still fled, which led me back to California and the city of Angels. There, after staking the would be residence of this collector, I lost my trail on him, but found a vampire at his residence. I tracked that vampire to a rather palacial mansion in Bel Air. I reasoned that the vampire, the collector and this rich benefactor where all involved and I planend to take them all down, knowing that this could garner me the respect that I so rightly deserved.

He came out of the residence alone and wasn't in there very long. I didn't care. I was going to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart filled with Pheno-Barbitol and then cut off one of his legs in order to get the information on the collector and the benefactor that I needed. I would promise him a painless death if he gave me the information that I needed.

Of course, he saw me and I couldn't get the tranquilizer dart loaded in time. I should have been more prepared, but that hindsight was going to prove useless to me as after a brief struggle, he ended up on top of me. My life flashed before my eyes and I realized that it was a daunting disappointment...except that I couldn't really care because the fear of dying became a likely possibility. I hoped to be remembered as someone who died trying to fight evil. I hoped to be remembered in some semblance as a hero when my parents and the Council received my body.

That cahnged, though as I heard a whooshing sound, which they couldn't tell you about in any demon text. The slaying of a vampire at close range was nearly a religious experience except for the pungency of inhaling the requisite dust after.

I looked up to see Angel was my savior.

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Off to a vampire's house we go! [27 Oct 2007|01:07am]

[ mood | scared ]

~"Hello, Cordelia Chase."
~"Cor, it’s Margo. You were such a hit at my party last night. Guess who saw my videotape of the party and guess who wants to meet with you."
~"A director? A manager? An assistant to an assistant who wants to spring for lunch?"
~"Russell winters."
~"The investment guy?"
~"Oh, oh, Cordelia. He is a lot more than that. He helps people get started in their careers. And he wants to meet you – tonight."
~"He’ll send a Limo for you at 8."

I looked over at my clock. It said 7:15. Can time go any slower? I've been dressed since six! It's not like I have a ton of clothes to go through. Not anymore. I thought everything would be different, here. Isn't Los Angeles about second chances? A place to start over, fresh? Boy, I was wrong.

After graduation, I made the decision to leave Sunnydale, for good. It's not like I had a reason to stay. Buffy, Willow, and Xander weren't exactly my best friends. Oz, was the only cool Scoob. Angel...well, he was Angel. He never fit in very well with them, either. My family lost everything. Daddy's in jail, and mom is staying with my aunt Sylvia. I could have went, but I wanted to move to LA. Besides, I was totally embarrassed about my money situation. The only person who knew was Xander. And, if he told anyone, I'm going to kill him. I just wanted to become an actress. I figured, I'd go to some auditions and then snag a role. It's been three months, and nothing. I'm living in a dingy apartment. I have no food. How did I get this low? I'm Cordelia Chase! This wasn't supposed to happen to me. Why is this happening to me. I know. I'm being punished for being Queen C in high school, aren't I?

Somedays, I wish I was back in Sunnydale. The other day I wondered what everyone was doing. Buffy, Willow and Oz were probably getting ready to start college, soon. That's something I wish I could do. Unfortunately, I can't afford school and there is no way I'm going to school on financial aid. Xander's more than likely flipping burgers at the Double Meat Palace. Giles is...home, it's not like he's got a job, now. Angel, still brooding at the mansion. God, at least they are doing something. My life sucks. No thinking about Sunnydale, Cordy. This is about moving forward and leaving all the vampires, and demons behind you. I'll find something soon. Maybe.

I groaned, feeling my stomach churn with hunger. I hope Russell plans on taking me to dinner, for the meeting. This could be my big breakthrough. Obviously, he saw something in me. It's got to be good. He might set me up with casting directors, or a director. I'll have my face all over the television. At least then, I would have accomplished something in my life. I would have money, again and be able to buy a huge house in Malibu. My thoughts went away when I heard a horn. I looked out of the window. Nice big, black limo. I couldn't help but smile.

When I got into the limo, there was a bowl of fruit waiting for me. Finally, I can eat! Being out of the hell hole I call home, was more exciting. This is good. Positive energy seems to be blowing my way.

~"People will be attracted to my positive energy and help me achieve my goals. Oh, yeah!"

The limo stopped. This whole time I've been in the limo, I didn't even pay attention to anything I was too excited. The limo drive helped me out. I looked at the beautiful house in front of me. I mean, this house was the size of my house, doubled. I noticed it was very secluded. I shrugged that thought out of my head and walked toward the front door, straightening my skirt and blouse. After ringing the doorbell, I was surprised that Russell answered the door, himself. "Very impressive, Mr. Winters. I thought, for sure you would have a butler." He just smiled and led me into his office.

It definitely wasn't your normal office. I'd say it was more of a study. There was a huge fireplace, book cases filled with books. The room was beautiful. I sat down on the leather couch that was facing the fireplace. We talked about me still being a newbie to LA, and I told him I didn't think it would be hard to break into acting. I thought it would be easy. Russell was a good listener. He seemed very compassionate. When, I told him I didn't have any friends here, he told me I knew him. And, that he could give me anything I wanted. God, I even started crying to him. I couldn't hold in how miserable I was, anymore. I still didn't understand what good he could do for me. "What would I have to do?" I looked up at him with more tears in my eyes. "This is so embarrassing, I'm sorry." I stood up, to check my face in the mirror. After looking around more, I noticed there were no mirrors. There also were lots of curtains in the room. Oh my god. "Hey, you're a vampire." He looked at me and said no. "I'm from Sunnydale, you know the city with a big hellmouth? Well, I know a vampire when I see one." Russell vamps out on me, I scream, and I start running out the door.

I'm pretty sure I ran all around the first floor. I tried every door, and they were all locked. This, so wasn't good. Russell was hot on my tail. I decided I would run upstairs and try to climb out of a window. I didn't want to die. I wasn't going to die by the fangs of some low-life vamp perv. I deserved so much better.

When I reached the second floor, I slipped and fell face first. Russell grabbed me and pulled me up. He turned me around and I looked up at him. I was crying. He gripped my arms tighter and he head started to go toward my neck. "Please, let me go." I whispered it to him. I had to get out of this situation, and now. My knee came up and I kneed him in the groin. I smiled. "It worked!" I started to run toward the one bedroom, when something else grabbed me. It was one of his "people". Figures. What the hell?!? I have to get out of here. I began struggling against the guy. I tried everything to get out of his grasp. Russell got up, and walked over to me. He grabbed my face, hard. He told me that he was going to torture me, before he kills me.

I had to come up with a plan b and soon. Otherwise, I was going to be a dead Cordelia Chase. Again, I say, why is this happening to me? I really wished someone would come and rescue me. Suddenly, Russell, looked down his dark hallway. I think he heard something. Whatever it was, saved me more time from dying. He was paying more attention to the hallway, than he was me. He began to walk, slowly, down the hall.

God, if you're up there, somewhere, I think I need your help. So, yeah, help me!
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Russell Winters and then home. [24 Oct 2007|06:11pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

Coming to Los Angeles, getting away from Buffy was a smart idea, in theory. In practice, it couldn't have worked out worse. Los Angeles has its share of demons and places for a vampire to fit in; a vampire, an evil one, but not one without a soul who's only welcome in one place...and even that place is a stretch in terms of its welcoming.

I know that Buffy loves me. I love her. It's a fact and it's not going to go away with spacial relief. The only truism that I knew and found out after two weeks of killing vampires and a few other assorted demons here in the city of angel(what a laugh)...is that I fed on Buffy and felt guilt about it so I left and all that it has done is made me hunger for contact...contact that isn't going to come for a vampire with a soul. It's not like the humans here would want to be around me when they found out who I am.

Sunnydale is where I belong and though I know that I can't ever give Buffy what she needs from a man and that I'll be jealous of anyone in her life, being near her and helping her is better then not seeing her. Besides, I don't want to lose to my urges and end up biting one of the girls that I save here.


I know that I'm right and would have already been back in Sunnydale if it wasn't for this pesky problem that I stumbled upon that I felt like I had to take care of. Somebody is killing beautiful young girls. I stumbled upon it when I was having coffee one night in a quaint little pub. I was chasing a vampire, who I killed afterwords, though I hadn't been able to get anything out of him before staking him; vampires are so hard to torture and it's not like I had implements for it or time. He had been at the pub to go after the waitress there. She was wary of me, but understood that I had just helped her with a creep who meant her harm. Her name is Tina and though she regarded me very much the same as the vamp that was trying to stiffarm her, she didn't see me kill him and said something about the vamp that I had killed probably being one of Russell's goons.

I pushed and nearly got maced for my trouble, but found that the man's name was Russell Winters. I dug a little more from her and asked why she was in trouble with this guy, but she didn't give me anything else and told me to get lost. She was pretty and reminiscent of Buffy and seeing her neck and smelling her scared me. I didn't push her any more. I just wanted to find out about this Russell Winters and see if he was involved with these strange murders and disappearances and then get out of this crappy city and back to the relative comfort of Sunnydale, where everyone knew who I was.

I ended up at the city library after hours, just me and some meddlesome women who was waiting for me before she could lock up and go home, though she allowed me to finish up my research. When she looked over my shoulder, I switched links. Eventually she got the hint and left me my space, probably because she was so desperate to leave.

The problem was that this guy seemed to be squeaky clean. He hadn't been charged with anything, but when I cross-referenced his name against the names of a few girls who had been missing; which let me tell you, isn't easy. When you're as old as I am, it's difficult to use computers. I mean, the computer generation is about two-hundred and fifty years younger then I am, both vampire and human.

The library worker grew impatient and I thought that she was going to kick me out before I found anything because I'm so damned idiotic when it comes to computers. I prefer a book to research. Anyway, Ruseel Winters was mentioned as a friend to at least five of the twelve missing girls that had gone missing in the past couple of months. Coincidences happen, but I don't believe in them...not in 5 of 12 cases. He was squeaky clean, but I also noticed that he was exceedingly rich and didn't seem to appear very often in the daytime if you know what I mean.

I also came up with his address, though he had several. It turned out that he had an office building, so I decided to stake it out and just happened to get lucky enough to find his residence. Unfortunately, on the night that I went, I didn't hear screams and didn't see him leave. It occurred to me that he might have a tunnel where he escapes to harm these girls, but in seeing him, he seemed to damned conceited to hide. It seemed to me with his marbled home and obviously extravagant blinds...that he wouldn't want to hide. I figured it a certainty that he would come out and I didn't have anywhere else to be. I wouldn't be able to miss him leaving, not with the secured gate and the guard inside. This guy is dirty and I'd be back to do the same thing tomorrow night.

Disappointed as the sun threatened to come back up, I left, but tomorrow night, I'd question him if he didn't live. He only got one respite with me and I shouldn't have even given him that because he's a vampire and thus, a murderer and he's behind the missing girls.

Yeah, tomorrow night he'll meet me, answer some questions and become cozy with a stake in his heart..or better, a sword through his neck and after that, I'm getting out of this town and going back to Sunnydale. The sooner...the better. I dreaded going back to my apartment in downtown and seeing the people who wer eout just before sunrise because they were reminders of what I was leaving for.

At least Buffy was in Sunnydale. Even if Giles and Xander hate me and even if Willow or even Buffy don't trust me. Heck, maybe Cordelia is there still and not away at college. She'd probably make the transition back to the group...to Buffy easier. I knew that it wasn't going to be as easy as killing Russell Winters would be.

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