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Russell Winters and then home.

Coming to Los Angeles, getting away from Buffy was a smart idea, in theory. In practice, it couldn't have worked out worse. Los Angeles has its share of demons and places for a vampire to fit in; a vampire, an evil one, but not one without a soul who's only welcome in one place...and even that place is a stretch in terms of its welcoming.

I know that Buffy loves me. I love her. It's a fact and it's not going to go away with spacial relief. The only truism that I knew and found out after two weeks of killing vampires and a few other assorted demons here in the city of angel(what a laugh) that I fed on Buffy and felt guilt about it so I left and all that it has done is made me hunger for that isn't going to come for a vampire with a soul. It's not like the humans here would want to be around me when they found out who I am.

Sunnydale is where I belong and though I know that I can't ever give Buffy what she needs from a man and that I'll be jealous of anyone in her life, being near her and helping her is better then not seeing her. Besides, I don't want to lose to my urges and end up biting one of the girls that I save here.


I know that I'm right and would have already been back in Sunnydale if it wasn't for this pesky problem that I stumbled upon that I felt like I had to take care of. Somebody is killing beautiful young girls. I stumbled upon it when I was having coffee one night in a quaint little pub. I was chasing a vampire, who I killed afterwords, though I hadn't been able to get anything out of him before staking him; vampires are so hard to torture and it's not like I had implements for it or time. He had been at the pub to go after the waitress there. She was wary of me, but understood that I had just helped her with a creep who meant her harm. Her name is Tina and though she regarded me very much the same as the vamp that was trying to stiffarm her, she didn't see me kill him and said something about the vamp that I had killed probably being one of Russell's goons.

I pushed and nearly got maced for my trouble, but found that the man's name was Russell Winters. I dug a little more from her and asked why she was in trouble with this guy, but she didn't give me anything else and told me to get lost. She was pretty and reminiscent of Buffy and seeing her neck and smelling her scared me. I didn't push her any more. I just wanted to find out about this Russell Winters and see if he was involved with these strange murders and disappearances and then get out of this crappy city and back to the relative comfort of Sunnydale, where everyone knew who I was.

I ended up at the city library after hours, just me and some meddlesome women who was waiting for me before she could lock up and go home, though she allowed me to finish up my research. When she looked over my shoulder, I switched links. Eventually she got the hint and left me my space, probably because she was so desperate to leave.

The problem was that this guy seemed to be squeaky clean. He hadn't been charged with anything, but when I cross-referenced his name against the names of a few girls who had been missing; which let me tell you, isn't easy. When you're as old as I am, it's difficult to use computers. I mean, the computer generation is about two-hundred and fifty years younger then I am, both vampire and human.

The library worker grew impatient and I thought that she was going to kick me out before I found anything because I'm so damned idiotic when it comes to computers. I prefer a book to research. Anyway, Ruseel Winters was mentioned as a friend to at least five of the twelve missing girls that had gone missing in the past couple of months. Coincidences happen, but I don't believe in them...not in 5 of 12 cases. He was squeaky clean, but I also noticed that he was exceedingly rich and didn't seem to appear very often in the daytime if you know what I mean.

I also came up with his address, though he had several. It turned out that he had an office building, so I decided to stake it out and just happened to get lucky enough to find his residence. Unfortunately, on the night that I went, I didn't hear screams and didn't see him leave. It occurred to me that he might have a tunnel where he escapes to harm these girls, but in seeing him, he seemed to damned conceited to hide. It seemed to me with his marbled home and obviously extravagant blinds...that he wouldn't want to hide. I figured it a certainty that he would come out and I didn't have anywhere else to be. I wouldn't be able to miss him leaving, not with the secured gate and the guard inside. This guy is dirty and I'd be back to do the same thing tomorrow night.

Disappointed as the sun threatened to come back up, I left, but tomorrow night, I'd question him if he didn't live. He only got one respite with me and I shouldn't have even given him that because he's a vampire and thus, a murderer and he's behind the missing girls.

Yeah, tomorrow night he'll meet me, answer some questions and become cozy with a stake in his heart..or better, a sword through his neck and after that, I'm getting out of this town and going back to Sunnydale. The sooner...the better. I dreaded going back to my apartment in downtown and seeing the people who wer eout just before sunrise because they were reminders of what I was leaving for.

At least Buffy was in Sunnydale. Even if Giles and Xander hate me and even if Willow or even Buffy don't trust me. Heck, maybe Cordelia is there still and not away at college. She'd probably make the transition back to the Buffy easier. I knew that it wasn't going to be as easy as killing Russell Winters would be.
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