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Off to a vampire's house we go!

~"Hello, Cordelia Chase."
~"Cor, it’s Margo. You were such a hit at my party last night. Guess who saw my videotape of the party and guess who wants to meet with you."
~"A director? A manager? An assistant to an assistant who wants to spring for lunch?"
~"Russell winters."
~"The investment guy?"
~"Oh, oh, Cordelia. He is a lot more than that. He helps people get started in their careers. And he wants to meet you – tonight."
~"He’ll send a Limo for you at 8."

I looked over at my clock. It said 7:15. Can time go any slower? I've been dressed since six! It's not like I have a ton of clothes to go through. Not anymore. I thought everything would be different, here. Isn't Los Angeles about second chances? A place to start over, fresh? Boy, I was wrong.

After graduation, I made the decision to leave Sunnydale, for good. It's not like I had a reason to stay. Buffy, Willow, and Xander weren't exactly my best friends. Oz, was the only cool Scoob. Angel...well, he was Angel. He never fit in very well with them, either. My family lost everything. Daddy's in jail, and mom is staying with my aunt Sylvia. I could have went, but I wanted to move to LA. Besides, I was totally embarrassed about my money situation. The only person who knew was Xander. And, if he told anyone, I'm going to kill him. I just wanted to become an actress. I figured, I'd go to some auditions and then snag a role. It's been three months, and nothing. I'm living in a dingy apartment. I have no food. How did I get this low? I'm Cordelia Chase! This wasn't supposed to happen to me. Why is this happening to me. I know. I'm being punished for being Queen C in high school, aren't I?

Somedays, I wish I was back in Sunnydale. The other day I wondered what everyone was doing. Buffy, Willow and Oz were probably getting ready to start college, soon. That's something I wish I could do. Unfortunately, I can't afford school and there is no way I'm going to school on financial aid. Xander's more than likely flipping burgers at the Double Meat Palace. Giles is...home, it's not like he's got a job, now. Angel, still brooding at the mansion. God, at least they are doing something. My life sucks. No thinking about Sunnydale, Cordy. This is about moving forward and leaving all the vampires, and demons behind you. I'll find something soon. Maybe.

I groaned, feeling my stomach churn with hunger. I hope Russell plans on taking me to dinner, for the meeting. This could be my big breakthrough. Obviously, he saw something in me. It's got to be good. He might set me up with casting directors, or a director. I'll have my face all over the television. At least then, I would have accomplished something in my life. I would have money, again and be able to buy a huge house in Malibu. My thoughts went away when I heard a horn. I looked out of the window. Nice big, black limo. I couldn't help but smile.

When I got into the limo, there was a bowl of fruit waiting for me. Finally, I can eat! Being out of the hell hole I call home, was more exciting. This is good. Positive energy seems to be blowing my way.

~"People will be attracted to my positive energy and help me achieve my goals. Oh, yeah!"

The limo stopped. This whole time I've been in the limo, I didn't even pay attention to anything I was too excited. The limo drive helped me out. I looked at the beautiful house in front of me. I mean, this house was the size of my house, doubled. I noticed it was very secluded. I shrugged that thought out of my head and walked toward the front door, straightening my skirt and blouse. After ringing the doorbell, I was surprised that Russell answered the door, himself. "Very impressive, Mr. Winters. I thought, for sure you would have a butler." He just smiled and led me into his office.

It definitely wasn't your normal office. I'd say it was more of a study. There was a huge fireplace, book cases filled with books. The room was beautiful. I sat down on the leather couch that was facing the fireplace. We talked about me still being a newbie to LA, and I told him I didn't think it would be hard to break into acting. I thought it would be easy. Russell was a good listener. He seemed very compassionate. When, I told him I didn't have any friends here, he told me I knew him. And, that he could give me anything I wanted. God, I even started crying to him. I couldn't hold in how miserable I was, anymore. I still didn't understand what good he could do for me. "What would I have to do?" I looked up at him with more tears in my eyes. "This is so embarrassing, I'm sorry." I stood up, to check my face in the mirror. After looking around more, I noticed there were no mirrors. There also were lots of curtains in the room. Oh my god. "Hey, you're a vampire." He looked at me and said no. "I'm from Sunnydale, you know the city with a big hellmouth? Well, I know a vampire when I see one." Russell vamps out on me, I scream, and I start running out the door.

I'm pretty sure I ran all around the first floor. I tried every door, and they were all locked. This, so wasn't good. Russell was hot on my tail. I decided I would run upstairs and try to climb out of a window. I didn't want to die. I wasn't going to die by the fangs of some low-life vamp perv. I deserved so much better.

When I reached the second floor, I slipped and fell face first. Russell grabbed me and pulled me up. He turned me around and I looked up at him. I was crying. He gripped my arms tighter and he head started to go toward my neck. "Please, let me go." I whispered it to him. I had to get out of this situation, and now. My knee came up and I kneed him in the groin. I smiled. "It worked!" I started to run toward the one bedroom, when something else grabbed me. It was one of his "people". Figures. What the hell?!? I have to get out of here. I began struggling against the guy. I tried everything to get out of his grasp. Russell got up, and walked over to me. He grabbed my face, hard. He told me that he was going to torture me, before he kills me.

I had to come up with a plan b and soon. Otherwise, I was going to be a dead Cordelia Chase. Again, I say, why is this happening to me? I really wished someone would come and rescue me. Suddenly, Russell, looked down his dark hallway. I think he heard something. Whatever it was, saved me more time from dying. He was paying more attention to the hallway, than he was me. He began to walk, slowly, down the hall.

God, if you're up there, somewhere, I think I need your help. So, yeah, help me!
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