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The Life of a Rogue Demon Hunter.

I thought that staying in Sunnydale for a very long and profitable time was going to be my future. I had two slayers, Buffy and Faith and loads of expertise on any demons that might come to the hellmouth to do their biddings or what have you.

I thought that this very nice and obviously sometimes dangerous long and tenured stay in Sunnydale as the Watcher of two slayers was my key to get not only in the best of graces with the Alchemists on the board of the Council, but more importnatly, to finally earn the long-deserved praise of my father, if that was even possible.

Of course, I couldn't have been farther from the truth. Faith killed the Deputy Mayor and from there, went spirally downward as she aligned herself with the Mayor, a Giant Snake of a pure demon in its worst form. I had tried to prevent this by intervening in Angel's attempted intervention upon her. I treid to get her into the Council's hands for them to deal with her, believing, wrongly, at the time that it was in her best interest and that it was also in the best interest for the World at large.

Again, another failure. Eventually, Buffy decided that she wasn't going to work for me. In the midst of this precipitous downward spiral at that time, I felt that she was being selfish and blaming me for thins that were out of my control; I tried to help to get the cure for Angel, but Buffy saw me as part of the Council; which of course, I was, but I wanted to help Angel.

In the end, Angel was cured by drinking from Buffy, Faith and Buffy had battled nearly to the death, certainly for Faith, who is in a coma as we speak, which I put completely on my shoulders, for I had been her watcher. The penultimate battle with the purest demon form of Mayor Wilkins hadn't been a shining moment for me, either, as I ended up in the back of an ambulance and hardly contributed in any way to that fight.

Needless to say, the Council sacked me and it didn't appear that anyone wanted me around. Angel didn't like me and left for Sunnydale. Cordelia had family issues and went to Los Angeles, purportedly. Buffy certainly didn't appear to want me around and nor did Willow or Xander.

Shamed, ridiculed for yet another failure by my father and without plane fare back to London from the Council, I chose to become a Rogue Demon Hunter to try to prove that i could do it and possibly have the news of my work make its way both to Sunnydale and overseas. I was determined not to be the item of scorn and derision in London, which is why I didn't return there even if the Council had offered to get me back home.

I went across country to Cleveland where the hellmouth semed to be dormant and where the demon community was slim to almost nil. Thank the heavens for that truism for Cleveland must be the most disgusting city that I'd ever come across. Miami, which was my next trip, was not the same. There, the vampire populous thrived, though a group of young men fought them with reckless abandon. I didn't fit into their outfit. Maybe I was too intelligent for their trigger happiness? Whatever the reason, I heard there that Dallas was also a hotbed for vampiric activity. After a brief stayover in New orleans, which had far more human malice and the possibility that I couldn't prove evidence of pertaining to ghosts and poltergeists then it did vampiric activity or any demon activity at all; I made my way to Dallas and on my first night there, I saved a beautiful blonde; the most stunning woman that I had ever seen named Naomi, by shooting down a vampire from behind with my crossbow.

It was my first kill that wasn't under controlled circumstances and the elation that brought me gave me the confidence to continue in my quest. I was running out of money, though and began to starve, eating only small morsels each day. Sooner or later, as it turned out, I would have to return home to find some gainful employee, maybe with the Council, though I didn't at all look forward to such a sequence of future events.

Naomi was my savior. She had married a wealthy man who passed away and she had millions. Aside from the fact that she had made love to me for two weeks straight and had shown me the power that I had over women sexually with her passion ans her abilities which brought out mine, she saw my plight, fed me and ended up writing me a rather substantial check for saving her life. Nearly six fugures, which I declined and that she insisted upon. When i saw her with a younger and beffy man, obvious that she intended to bed him, I realized that Naomi wasn't the type of woman that you settled down with. I kept the check for services rendered whether saving her life or giving her pleasure in the bedroom and went back to the Dallas night to hunt for demons that needed to be stopped.

This led me to a demon who was harvesting the weapons of other demons for sale or more likely to make himself unstoppable. This demon, who you would assume might have great powers to kill these other demons, feared me, obviously hearing about my vampire slayings in Dallas...all one of them...and ran, which led me to Phoenix and my second successful slaying of a vampire.

He still fled, which led me back to California and the city of Angels. There, after staking the would be residence of this collector, I lost my trail on him, but found a vampire at his residence. I tracked that vampire to a rather palacial mansion in Bel Air. I reasoned that the vampire, the collector and this rich benefactor where all involved and I planend to take them all down, knowing that this could garner me the respect that I so rightly deserved.

He came out of the residence alone and wasn't in there very long. I didn't care. I was going to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart filled with Pheno-Barbitol and then cut off one of his legs in order to get the information on the collector and the benefactor that I needed. I would promise him a painless death if he gave me the information that I needed.

Of course, he saw me and I couldn't get the tranquilizer dart loaded in time. I should have been more prepared, but that hindsight was going to prove useless to me as after a brief struggle, he ended up on top of me. My life flashed before my eyes and I realized that it was a daunting disappointment...except that I couldn't really care because the fear of dying became a likely possibility. I hoped to be remembered as someone who died trying to fight evil. I hoped to be remembered in some semblance as a hero when my parents and the Council received my body.

That cahnged, though as I heard a whooshing sound, which they couldn't tell you about in any demon text. The slaying of a vampire at close range was nearly a religious experience except for the pungency of inhaling the requisite dust after.

I looked up to see Angel was my savior.
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