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I researched Russel Winters and without proff, believed fully that he was the vampire bastard that was keeping me here in Los Angeles for a few extra days; that he was the vampire that had killed at least eight girls that I had found.

I knew that he wa sa vampire. You didn't need to be shown the layout of the house by its architect to know that this guy didn't dig on daylight. One look at the hopelessly extravagant mansion was enough to know.

Of course, I had alreayd been by his tower of an office building. Russell Winters was a vampire that had to be worth nearly a billion dollars and though most vampires are evil, I have no respect for that and the fact that the guy has so much money must make him believe that he can do anything that he wants. He's immortal, yes and then add all of the money that he has which had to at least in part come from charm and luck in the human world and obviously not from he must believe that there are different rules for him on this planet.


Until I happened to find about him that is.

I'm really not in a mood for him and want to be in Sunnydale where I belong, but no, I'm waiting just to get another shot at this piece of work. Unfortunately, I wanted to catch him in the act and waiting from sunset to nearly sunup, he didn't bring any girls home after I had followed him from his office and none came out when I left.

I didn't need a reason to kill him. He's a vampire and evil even if he isn't behind these murders that I found out about after running into Tina in that coffee shop, he's nonetheless evil and I don't give a damn about the fact that he's a billionaire and that this would be different from killing any other vampire that you might find in a cemetery.

But, he's behind all of this. I know it without question. Following him home from his office again, once more, he didn't come home with anyone, but I noticed that he sent a limousine out for somebody. I was going to follow the limousine, but knowing that he wasn't in it, I decided to wait to see the limousine come back; something told me that he sent out for his victims like this and since nobody knew of the real world, these girls were probably thrilled knowing that he's so rich.


While checking the back perimeter of the property, I heard a ruckus coming from the front somewhere. As I rushed around, I saw a fight ensuing and a vampire was clearly about to kill somebody. I wouldn't know how a human got on the property without the guard stopping him...I jumped over the wrought iron gate, so I assumed it might be a vampire, but the victim was guarded by the attacker, so I didn't assume anything.

I just plunged the stake into the vampire and when I saw who remained, I was stunned to say the least.


"Wesley what are you doing here?"

Helping him up, I saw that the limousine had pulled up and I didn't see who had come out of it. I didn't care. Once I found out what Wesley was doing here, I was killing Russell Winters and getting back to Sunnydale.

He had a bag of something or the other and was wearing leather pants. Needless to say, my face was a bit scrunched as I made eye contact with him again.

[Wesley and Cordelia]
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"Wesley what are you doing here?"

An excellent question. I would have asked Angel wahte he was doing here where evil doings were certainly transpiring, but I knew better then to believe Angel to be evil. Still, I queried why he was here before answering and he told me that he was here to kill this evil vampire who was apparently responsible for several disappearances of women in the Los Angeles area and certainly was responsible for killing them.

"Well, Angel, I followed the vampire here because I am now a ROGUE demon hunter and the vampire now slain was in cahoots with this demon that I've lost the trail on...who was involved in killing demons and taking their powers."

His expression and second look at my bag was one of disbelief.

"What, a former watcher can't become stronger then he had been a few months back and start killing demons?"

He didn't answer immediately and then we heard a scream. I grabbed for something and ended up getting my hand on the tranquilizer gun. It would do for a start.

We rushed through the door. That is, after Angel kicked it down and seeing Cordelia fleeing away from a vampire only further added to his surprise and mine. Angel charged after the vampire and towards Cordelia on the second floor while I readied and fired upon one of the vampire's apparent servants. The dart landed flush, but there were still two left, who suddenly turned and faced me, intent upon firing not tranquilizer darts, but bullets on me.

I sought cover.
Apparently, the noise Russell heard was another one of his minions. Russell came back toward me and took my face in his hands. His breath was of the stinking kind. I did everything in my power not to throw up. I decided to hold my breath. Why did I even come here, tonight. I knew this would turn out all wrong. I should have trusted my instincts. This is the last time I'm listening to Margo.

Just as Russell was about to take a bite out of my flawless neck, someone, or something came crashing into the door. Footsteps were heard rushing up the stairs. I struggled against the vampire and tried to break free. Who I saw completely took me by surprise.

"A-Angel? Oh my god, Angel!" A rush of hope went through my body. What was he doing here? I thought he would still be in Sunnydale. I never thought I would see Angel in Los Angeles. He still looks the same with the salty goodness, and the whole not aging. How did he know I was here. I didn't care. He was saving my life. I thought I was going to die! Again, I tried to break free from Mr. I'm-a-sucky-minion. I lifted up my leg and stomped my heel into his foot. He yelped in pain and let me go. Then, I ran toward Angel.

Angel was ready to attack Russell. I looked down the stairs. "Wesley?" Ok, Angel and Wesley are here, saving me. This was definitely weird. I had some major questions to ask when we get the hell out of here. I took my shoes off. The vamp that I stepped on was coming toward me. I can do this. I did it before, I can do it again, right? I grabbed my shoe. He ran toward me and without thinking, I kicked him in the groin. He was about to kneel, when I stuck my heel into his heart. The vamp grabbed on to my shoe that was stuck in his chest and looked up at me. I gave him an evil smile. "Wooden heels. Take that, creepo!" I jumped, when he turned into dust. My shoe, falling to the floor. "God, this was my last good pair. Good thing, they aren't ruined."
A vampire being dusted by a wooden stiletto heel. That was a new one, but it proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that this Russell Winters wasn't a tough guy. He prayed on weakness, drew girls into his lair...or mansion as it were with promises of wealth and then he kills them.

Cordelia standing near me, Russell upstairs with us and two vampires downstairs with real guns that could kill Wesley and Cordelia. I wanted really really bad to punish this guy before killing him, but the circumstances didn't give me that opportunity, necessarily with Wesley, Cordelia and two vampires with guns here.

This guy had intended to kill Cordelia and do it through manipulation like he surely had with the other girls and for that, I was going to pummel this guy and kill him painfully. Taking Cordelia in my arms, I leapt over the railing and we fell towards the ground, her squeal understanable.

As we landed, I hid her under the slight opening at the bottom of the stairs, away from any conceivable gunfire. "Cordelia, stay here." I looked at her briefly, as my landing garnered the attentions of the two vamps with guns, as well as did the screaming from Russell for them to take care of me.

This was going to be painful, but it was necessary. Shots filled me, but I quickly tackled one of the vamps with the guns having taken at least four bullets to the torso. The other vamp had a gun, but I had a stake and I used it with the vampire that had tackled me.

The other vampire with gun in hand fell before he could shoot me again. I looked up to see Wesley holding his tranquilizer gun and we both turned to see that Russell had made his way downstairs. Cordelia tried to fight him, surely empowered by the fact that we were here, but he would kill her in seconds and I had to handle this delicately.

"Winters, let her go and you die painlessly. Make this hard and I'll torture you for days."

My steely gaze met his after looking to Cordy to try to offer her support with my eyes. Wesley stood next to me, tranaquilizer gun aimed high. We crept towards Winters.
I had shot one of the vampire workers for this vile fiend, Winters. I had no idea if he was involved with the demon harvester that I had chased and lost, but it was certainly possible considering the appalingly massive size of his residence.

I cleared my head, knowing that there were still two vampires with guns to contend with. I hid as best as I could, but I was either going to be shot or drained unless I could load the next dart smoothly and then another after that and in between loadings, manage an effective shot to one of the vampires with revolvers without getting shot.

Then, Angel soared down the stairs, the vampires turned and faced him, having heard him and having heard Winters order them to kill Angel first. Shots were fired as Angel placed Cordelia to safety and rushed towards the vampires with the guns. I loaded the dart expediently and in short order and fired upon the vampire that remained standing. Angel dusted the vampire that he had tackled, and as I faced him, we heard Cordelia struggling with Winters.

Leaving the vampire that was unconscious on the ground, we both edged towards Winters and Cordelia.

"Winters, let her go and you die painlessly. Make this hard and I'll torture you for days."

"Yes, fiend, your motus operendi is quite ingenious, but you have now met your match. Release the girl at once and your death will be painless."

Angel looked at me as if he wanted me to shut up, while I continued to point the dart at Winters' head. I wanted to take the shot, but wasn't comfortable enough with my aim to risk endangering Cordelia, though if I hit her, it might actually help, for she would wither in Winters' arms and then Angel could attack.

Still, I wasn't relishing dealing with Cordelia when she came to and even though I had Naomi in Dallas which changed me quite extensively, I still recognized Cordelia as one of the most beautiful young women that I'd ever seen.
There were vampires with guns, in this place. Angel picked me up and he jumped over the railing. I screamed. He decided to put me under the stairs, away from the gunfire.

"Cordelia, stay here."

I looked up at him. "Ok." Unfortunately, it didn't keep Angel from being shot. Gunshots tore through his body. "Angel!" Fear rushed through me. Sure, he couldn't die, but I still didn't like to see him being shot. And, poor Wesley was stuck out there. I wanted to shout for him, so he could come and hide with me.

Angel took out the vampires that were shooting at him. The third vamp, was tranq'd by Wesley. I smiled, but it went away when I was grabbed from my hiding spot. It was Russell. "Get off of me you, creep! I don't want your dirty hands on my!" I tried to fight him off. He grabbed my arms hard. The pain shot through my body. I would have bruises all over my arms, tomorrow. "Angel, Wesley!" I screamed for one of them to help me.

"Winters, let her go and you die painlessly. Make this hard and I'll torture you for days."

"Yeah, you don't know who he is. Angel, is so going to kick your ass." My mouth should have stayed shut, because Russell decided it would be fun to put his hands around my neck. I could barely breath. I looked at Angel. He had so much anger, and he was definitely going to get Russell, one way or the other.

"Yes, fiend, your motus operendi is quite ingenious, but you have now met your match. Release the girl at once and your death will be painless."

I had no idea what Wesley meant, but it sounded like a threat. Right now, I was worried that he was going to kill me. He could snap my neck in two seconds. I put my hand over his hand, trying to loosen his grip he had around my neck. My chest was rising and falling too fast. I started to get light-headed.
I could tell that Cordelia was being severely hampered and could hear that she was fighting for breath. I had to end this thing and end it now.

Wesley's threat was just a taunt and since I didn't know Winters, I wished that he wouldn't have said anything. I figured that Winters was a rich, weak vampire...useless in hand to hand against an experienced fighter like me, but he could kill Cordelia with ease.

I gave Wesley a look and specifically looked at the tranquilizer gun. I had a plan and hoped that Wesley had the wherewithall to follow my lead.

"Yeah, you don't know who he is. Angel, is so going to kick your ass."

Her words still resonated in me, said before Winters tightened his grip on her. More pressure and he could smash her windpipe and that couldn't be allowed to happen. The plan was simple. Wesley shoots him after I distract him.

Going into full retreat mode, fully compliant, I stepped towards him. "Okay, Winters, just don't hurt her. We'll leave and leave you alone as long as you hand her to me now and stay away from her after we've left."

I extended my hand, trying to appear sincere, considering that I wanted to pummel this guy...Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. He hesitated, seemed to be thinking and it looked at me. I took that chance to give Wesley another stern look, a quick one, but he pulled the trigger as I looked at him, his eyes not on me, but on his target.

I turned and grabbed for Cordelia's hand, but it didn't matter. Wesley's shot hit him in the neck. I pulled her towards me.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded.

"Wesley. Go see if you can find some twine, heavy duty. I'm not going to be able to torture him while he's alive, but I'm going to make his last hours as unpleasant as possible."

He nodded, looked at Cordelia, bowed his head and then went through the house on a search for twine or rope or something that could be used to hang somebody out of a window where the sun would burn them to ashes. In the meantime, I took a moment to stake the two tranquilized vampires in our midst.
My shot was perfect. Subliminally, I could tell that Angel had a plan and with the way that he looked at the tranquilizer gun, I knew it involved the art of diversion on his part and precise accuracy on my part.

It was clear to see that Cordelia, so full of life, so beautiful and elegant was in danger and the thought of that made me want to pummel the evil Russell Winters with my bare hands, only I didn't possess the physical prowess to accomplish such a feat.

Which...made Angel's plan and my accuracy, assuming that it was his pivotal to me personally. There was no way that I was going to miss this shot. Even if it wasn't Angel's plan, I fully planned on putting a dart in this creeps throat, or torso, depending on my angle.

Back to the shot...

I was filled with a pride that made me fele as though I were floating when I watched the fiend fall and knew that Cordelia was safe. Angel asked her if she was okay, pulling her towards him. I bowed at her, and then came Angel's strange request.

"Wesley. Go see if you can find some twine, heavy duty. I'm not going to be able to torture him while he's alive, but I'm going to make his last hours as unpleasant as possible."

I bowed at Cordelia again, hoping to convey that I missed our last kiss and indeed her in a way that wasn't sexual or overly obvious, either.

I then went to the kitchen and found nothing. Going through the utility closet off of the kitchen, however, I found what must have been fifty feet or more of utility cord, in the utility closet. At least the vampire fiend had an efficient filing system, though I suspect that it's not going to do him any good when Angel's finished with him.

I brought the cord back out to the foyer, noticing that Angel had eliminated the other vampires that I had tranquilized. I looked at Cordelia with a smile, before turning to Angel with a slightly more austere face. "Exactly what are your plans for Mr. Winters and this utility cord, Angel?"

I looked over at Winters one more time, relishing that the bastard was unconscious. I rather hoped we brought him somewher,e tied him up and took turns hitting him with rather large and heavy objects, preferably made of steel or some solid metal or metallic alkaloid.
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