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I researched Russel Winters and without proff, believed fully that he was the vampire bastard that was keeping me here in Los Angeles for a few extra days; that he was the vampire that had killed at least eight girls that I had found.

I knew that he wa sa vampire. You didn't need to be shown the layout of the house by its architect to know that this guy didn't dig on daylight. One look at the hopelessly extravagant mansion was enough to know.

Of course, I had alreayd been by his tower of an office building. Russell Winters was a vampire that had to be worth nearly a billion dollars and though most vampires are evil, I have no respect for that and the fact that the guy has so much money must make him believe that he can do anything that he wants. He's immortal, yes and then add all of the money that he has which had to at least in part come from charm and luck in the human world and obviously not from he must believe that there are different rules for him on this planet.


Until I happened to find about him that is.

I'm really not in a mood for him and want to be in Sunnydale where I belong, but no, I'm waiting just to get another shot at this piece of work. Unfortunately, I wanted to catch him in the act and waiting from sunset to nearly sunup, he didn't bring any girls home after I had followed him from his office and none came out when I left.

I didn't need a reason to kill him. He's a vampire and evil even if he isn't behind these murders that I found out about after running into Tina in that coffee shop, he's nonetheless evil and I don't give a damn about the fact that he's a billionaire and that this would be different from killing any other vampire that you might find in a cemetery.

But, he's behind all of this. I know it without question. Following him home from his office again, once more, he didn't come home with anyone, but I noticed that he sent a limousine out for somebody. I was going to follow the limousine, but knowing that he wasn't in it, I decided to wait to see the limousine come back; something told me that he sent out for his victims like this and since nobody knew of the real world, these girls were probably thrilled knowing that he's so rich.


While checking the back perimeter of the property, I heard a ruckus coming from the front somewhere. As I rushed around, I saw a fight ensuing and a vampire was clearly about to kill somebody. I wouldn't know how a human got on the property without the guard stopping him...I jumped over the wrought iron gate, so I assumed it might be a vampire, but the victim was guarded by the attacker, so I didn't assume anything.

I just plunged the stake into the vampire and when I saw who remained, I was stunned to say the least.


"Wesley what are you doing here?"

Helping him up, I saw that the limousine had pulled up and I didn't see who had come out of it. I didn't care. Once I found out what Wesley was doing here, I was killing Russell Winters and getting back to Sunnydale.

He had a bag of something or the other and was wearing leather pants. Needless to say, my face was a bit scrunched as I made eye contact with him again.

[Wesley and Cordelia]
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