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The Gem of Amarra and a Bird named Harmony.

All started with Drusilla's shunning of me back in Brazil. The Chaos bloody demon aside, it was sodding hurtful, so I came back to Sunnydale for some reason. I sought to seek something and it all became crystal clear when I arrived. Angel was back and all soul happy again and I thought that I could get vengeance on him; was his fault that I had to make that bleeding pact with Buffy in the first place...so he deserved to get leprocy through a spell or something of that ilk.

Then I saw the witch and heard her talking about doing some kind of love spell or as it turned out, anti-love spell. Changed my plan. Wanted to get Drusilla back without a spell and after the fight with Buffy and Angel against Lenny and the other ponces, realized that I just needed to be how I used to be and that I would get Drusilla back.

Second visit to Sunnydale had been enlightening and didn't witness another bout of serious kickings-of-my-ass.

Drusilla, still, didn't take me back and once more, didn't have the guts to stake me or chop my head off and after weeks of whining like an Angel wannabe, I realized that I had been all wrong-headed about everything. Redoubled the bloody efforts and came upon a legend that I had heard of but had forgotten over the years.

Yeah, the Gem of Amarra, rendering the vampire unkillable, was in Sunnydale of all places. A third trip to Sunnydale was destined to be in the plans and once I got my hand of the rock of Amarra, there would be no more kickings-of-my-ass. There would only be me with the slayer's blood in my mouth and then I would use her lifeless bones to smash Angel to bits. Would probably then feed him towhatever demon of the day is hanging around the sodding hellmouth. Didn't know what I would yet do with that wanker, all that I knew was that it would be a bottle of liquor and a cigarette...that it would be the balls.

Made my way to Sunnydale with an expert of the Gem of Amarra, a vampire named Brian. Knew that he wanted to wear it on his ring finger or neck, but he just wanted to be an allegiance to the wearer of the Gem and believe me, Brian was no match for me. If he tried anything after helping me find it, I would kill him deader then a sodding pile of dust could be.

He spent the night looking for it, knowing that judging by the map and the legend key, that we were close. He was working on the exact location under one of Sunnydale's highways and I needed to get the requisite bloody equipment for digging and tunneling.

Along the way to the hardware store, stopped off at Willy's keeping a low profile to the slayer because I didn't sodding want her to know that I was here yet. Warned Willy that if he told her that I was here in Sunnydale again...that I would feed him to the bloody dogs and by dogs, I meant every vampire that I could find with a hungry set of teeth. He believed me, gave me a pint of blood, which wasn't human and was a little too cold, followed by a shot of Jack.

That was when my eyes fell upon a blonde beauty who couldn't take her eyes off of me. I mean I knew that I needed to get tools for digging and tunneling, but I had another tool that could be used for the same thing and this blonde was perfect. I hadn't had a woman in weeks again and since she was a vampire, I didn't even have to worry about cleanup.

Uncertain, certainly far less confident then me, she made her way over to me. I could tell that she hadn't been a vampire very long, but none of that sodding mattered. The girl had a body built for sin and I had every bloody intention of letting her explore her inner demon on this night.

"Sit down, love. I won't bite until much later."

I smiled at her come-hitheringly and she leaned over to show me some very ebticing cleavage. My erection was already explosive.

This night was going to be full of digging and tunneling of all sorts.

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